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THE PEN IS MIGHTERIER THAN THE SWORD, ALWAYS posted on Thursday, Nov 28, 2019


“The quill or the pen has always been mightier than the sword. It emphasises that thinking, writing and speaking has always been and will always be more influential than the use of force, coercion and violence. The word has the power to transcend even the bloodiest of battles as historical evidence has proven. Today we see this in the written word and the analogy of this proverb can be seen today in the democratisation of education and training of young students. Education, being a fundamental and legitimate right of all nations, has lessened the use of force by one nation state over another. Today the power of words can bring down nations and even powerful presidents. Words and diplomacy are used to negotiate in difficult situations, as in the case of the on-going Brexit negotiations between Britain and the European Union. Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement. Our academics have firm belief in this policy and are always guided by the quill in our insignia,” said Dato’ Vincent Leong, the Managing Director of Seri Stamford College and Stamford College Melaka.


In saying this at the 69th Convocation Ceremony of the college in Melaka, he added that the importance of education cannot be ignored and that every effort should be made to learn as much as one could and cope with evolving technologies in the world. Our students from China, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea give our campuses an international flavor and cross cultural learning.


The valedictorian of the convocation, Lai Jia Qi, who graduated with Bachelor of Arts from the Leeds Beckett University UK, almost brought tears to the congregation when she spoke about her experience at Stamford College Melaka. In an emotionally packed speech, she said that she is overwhelmed by the love, support and care of the management and lecturers of the college.


“My respect for them is unending. Today all of the graduates are here because of their pastoral care and teaching. This college has played a vital role in my life by developing my knowledge and skills in making me a more holistic and independent person. My sincerest gratitude to them. On behalf of all the graduates of 2019 I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and recognition to the wonderful team of lecturers who taught us over the years,” she added.


As a mark of benevolence for parents and guardians, sponsors and scholarship providers, she requested all graduates to arise and bow towards them.


At the convocation this year from Papua New Guinea was the largest cohort of twenty six students who received their scrolls in a variety of courses. The Outstanding Student Award 2019 was given to PNG student, Moere Colin Richy Raiqarawa, a graduate of the Diploma in Hospitality Management (in collaboration with American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute, USA). He remarked that when he first arrived in Malaysia he was quite terrified of the new environment, people and customs. “But over the last two years, I have grown to love this country like my own. The people are so hospitable, caring and friendly. Moreover, the lecturers and management of Stamford College Melaka where I studied were exceptional. They took care of me as I if I were part of their family and I truly honoured. Now that I have my diploma, I am going on to pursue my degree studies here.”


Desmond Foong, outgoing Seri Stamford College Kepong student and president of the student council for the year, remarked that he truly enjoyed his position in the council. “Today I received my Diploma in Information Technology. It’s been quite an experience studying at this college. My responsibility as the students’ representative was not smooth sailing always as I had to present students issues at meetings but it taught me how to negotiate with people diplomatically.”


Another PNG student, Koal Monique Tamarah won the Best Student Award for the Diploma in Executive Secretaryship. “My parents are absolutely thrilled that I have done well in my studies here at Stamford. It has been hard at the beginning as it was difficult to adjust to the college environment but I have overcome these hurdles and today am part of the Stamford team,” she quipped.


The college has a collaboration with the Central Province government of Papua New Guinea where the Central Province sends twenty students annually for courses at Stamford College. Present at the convocation was the Honourable Francis Koaba, Provincial Administrator of the Central Province and other prominent politicians and parents of the students.


Seri Stamford College is the first private college to be established in Malaysia in 1950. The college has produced over 500,000 local and international graduates, many who are today working in senior positions around the world