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Master of Education
JPT/BPP (R/140/7/0007) (A9151) 08/18





The Master of Education degree programme is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to be effective educators. The programme is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. It seeks to provide a theorectical perspective of educational practices.



This program is designed for aspiring or current middle level managers to upgrade their skills and qualifications to prepare them to access career opportunities which become evident to them in their current employment or new opportunities with alternative employers.


The Master of Education consists of 13 subjects and 1 project paper.


Core Subjects

1.           Research Methods in Education

2.           Statistics in Education

3.           Qualitative Research Methods in Education

4.           Philosophical Ideas in Education

5.           Sociology of Education

6.           Learning and Cognition

7.           Educational Assessment

8.           Curriculum Design and Development

9.           Models of Instruction

10.         Fundamentals of Instructional Technology


Concentrations (Choose 1)

A.  Teaching English As A Second Language

      1.   Teaching Literature in English as a Second Method

      2.   Issues and Methods in Teaching English as a Second Language

      3.   Research in Teaching English as a Second Method

      4.   Project Paper in Teaching English as Second Method


B.  Nursing Education

      1.   Issues and Trends in Nursing Education

      2.   Clinical Teaching in Nursing

      3.   Research in Nursing Education

      4.   Project Paper in Nursing Education


C. Early Childhood Education

      1.   Introduction to Early Childhood Education

      2.   Curriculum & Instruction in the Early Years

      3.   Research in Early Childhood Education

      4.   Project Paper in Early Childhood Education


D. Educational Psychology

      1.   Brain, Cognition and Education

      2.   Lifespan Development

      3.   Research in Educational Psychology

      4.   Project Paper in Educational Psychology


E.Instructional Technology

      1.   Web-Based learning

      2.   Principles of Instructional Design

      3.   Research in Instructional Technology

      4.   Project Paper in Instructional Technology


F. Educational Management

      1.   Concepts and Theories in Educational Management

      2.   Emerging Perspectives in Educational Leadership

      3.   Research in Educational Management

      4.   Project Paper in Educational Management


G. Science Education

      1.   Trends in the Teaching and Learning of Science

      2.   Science, Technology and Society

      3.   Research in Science Education

      4.   Project Paper in Science Education


H. Educational Assessment & Evaluation

      1.   Testing and Measurement

      2.   Programme Evaluation in Education

      3.   Research in Educational Assessment

      4.   Project Paper in Educational Assessment


I. Curriculum And Instruction

      1.   School Curriculum

      2.   Curriculum of the Future

      3.   Research in Curriculum & Instruction

      4.   Project Paper in Curriculum & Instruction


J. Higher Education Teaching

      1.   Academic Leadership & Research Supervision

      2.   Counselling in Higher Education

      3.   Research in Higher Education Teaching

      4.   Project Paper in Higher Education Teaching


K. Mathematics Education


      1. Curriculum and Assessment in Mathematics

      2. Trends and Issues in Mathematics Education

      3. Research in Mathematics Education

      4. Project Paper in Mathematics Education


Direct Entry

•          Recognised Bachelor’s Degree in Education or its equivalent.

•          Degree with teaching experience or related experience.



Alternative Entry


Open entry with the following qualifications recognised by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia:


•          Diploma / STPM / A Levels / Foundation / UEC or its equivalent, OR

•          Other recognised qualifications and evidence of relevant prior learning                         experience, AND

•          Be 30 years of age and above.






January, May, and September



Plaza Menjalara (Kepong)

Stamford College Malacca