This course is specially tailored for overseas students who wish to improve their proficiency and fluency in the English language, so that they can follow courses conducted in English at tertiary level and communicate effectively in English in everyday life.


It is also useful for post-secondary school Malaysian students who are weak in the English language as it prepares them sufficiently well for their entry into university and college courses.


There are 3 levels for this course. Based on their performances for the Proficiency Test, students are placed in Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. Those with a very basic command of the English Language are placed in Level 1 and will continue to Level 2 and Level 3. Those with moderate command of English are placed in the Level 2 and continue to Level 3. Those with good command of English are placed in Level 3.




The course engages students in activity-based and process-oriented lessons that will develop, extend and enhance a range of skills. These include Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. These skills will be taught in an integrated as well as inter-linked manner.


Apart from these four skills of language learning, students are exposed to other interactive exercises in the following areas:


Grammar and Practical : Excursions will be organised to places in and around Kuala Lumpur, and students will be given ample opportunities to interact with others, especially the public, in English. They will also be required to collect data and information for their assignment.


Multimedia : The students use a course called COMPASS Workstation where they are able to do interactive exercises at their own pace.


Integrated Language Skills : A textbook is used for this subject which incorporate all skills of language learning.


Business English : Students are introduced to the vocabulary and skills of business writing.



22 hours per week for 17 weeks per level



SPM or STPM or UEC or 11 years of education or equivalent



Full Time



January, April and August



Seri Stamford College

Plaza Menjalara (Kepong)