A unique feature of the DBA programme at Stamford College is that the programme focuses on the business and management field, including insurance, human resource and accounting aspects. The programme also exposes the students to real world problems throughout the course and prepares students for higher education. It is a specially designed course to prepare students for direct entry into the Federation University Australia (FedUni) and University of London, UK (UoL) degree programmes.


The School also organises events and extracurricular activities through the Business Club, which stimulates actual business situations so as to expose its students to real life scenarios in the corporate world. Parents’ day is organised by the school to discuss students’ academic problems and to give awards for good students to enhance their academic performance. Students also have free access to the school’s Learning Centre at library to meet up with lecturers specialised in their respective fields of studies to seek guidance and advice concerning their course materials, assignments or any other query.



Student Achievement


Upon completing their diploma programmes, these successful grauduates have all managed to land themselves with appropriate jobs and some enrolled into degree programmes.


Lau Jie Kwan

Chew Li Wei

Chong Cheng Hang

Kasthoori a/p Sunderamoorthi

Lee Cue Yee

Sharimila a/p Moorthy