These flexible awards focus on the core skills of financial accounting and management accounting; and the wider role of the accountant in business at higher levels. The range of awards means employers can pick the level of qualification which most appropriately meets their business needs. For students, it provides flexible entry points with certification awarded at each level, allowing students to develop their education and skills, making them an attractive and relevant choice for employers.


The size of each class conducted under this programme at Stamford is also small, and thus offers many advantages to our students. Our dedicated lecturers can adapt to the needs and interests of the students more easily, making them more interested in the lessons, and thus more willing to learn. Small classes also foster better student-lecturer relations. Such close relationship makes it much more likely for our students to seek help from their lecturers, especially when they face difficulties with the lessons.


The School also organises events and extra-curricular activities through its student clubs, such as the Accounting Club for the foundation students, which simulate actual business situations to expose its students to real life scenarios in the corporate world. Foundation students also have free access to the school’s Learning Centre at the library to meet up with lecturers specialised in their respective fields of studies to seek guidance and advice concerning their course materials, assignments or any other query.