This course is designed to help students improve their proficiency in English through interactive lectures, practical exercises, workshop sessions and self-assessment activities using our multimedia lab. Upon enrolment, students will be given a placement test and assigned to a level appropriate to their abilities.


The course is offered at three levels:


  • Beginner level
  • Intermediate level
  • Upper-intermediate level

Reading Skills  : Students will be introduced to the concept of skimming, scanning and determining meanings through contextual clues. Comprehension questions and exercises will be directed towards critical analysis, making inferences, predicting outcomes and drawing conclusions.


Listening & Speech Skills : Special emphasis will be given to correct pronunciation, intonation and expression. Public Speaking will be introduced at various levels.


Writing Skills : In addition to the technique of writing, sentence structure, paragraph and essay writing will be reviewed.


Grammar : The rules of grammar are taught and practical exercises to aid retention are given.


Integrated Language Skills : The four basic skills are harnessed to work together, mirroring the practical applications of everyday life.




16 hours per week for 3 months per level



SPM or STPM or UEC or equivalent



Full Time / Part Time



April, July and October



Seri Stamford College

Plaza Menjalara (Kepong),

Seri Stamford College Melaka

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