Career Planning


What to do after graduation from High School?


Choosing a course can be confusing. Let us guide you on your career planning. Please follow the following steps:


Step 1 : Know Yourself

Your interests, abilities and talents should all be taken into account in any career decision-making process.



Step 2 : Know Your Options

Career Choices in Sciences

Medical Physical    Information Technology    
Engineering        Mathematical             Networks
Biological Chemical Electronics






Career Choices in Arts

Accountancy Advertising Administrative
Law Secretarial Human Resources
Marketing Business Banking
Hospitality Public Relations Media



Step 3 : Khow Your Pathway





Step 4 : Connect Your Information

Match your understanding of yourself with your understanding of possible options and pathway.



Step 5 : Meet Our Counselors

Our Counselors will provide you with detailed information about the course of your interest. You will be able to make decision on the courses suitable for you.