Student Council


The Student Council of Stamford College is responsible for organising a number of events on behalf of the college, and we are devoted to improving and maintaining a positive student experience here in Stamford College. Student participation in our activities is crucial for fostering an exciting and positive environment for everyone. We serve as the voice of the students and therefore require and urge active participation from students.


The Student Council is more than just another college organisation. Together with the student clubs and societies at Stamford College, we strive to ensure that students excel not only academically, but also be versatile in other aspects. We do so by encouraging students to participate in our events and activities. By spearheading a wide range of activities, members of the Student Council are given the opportunity to nurture leadership skills that can last them a lifetime! We do our utmost to give students the opportunity to have fun and socialise while being able to develop for the betterment of themselves and to be better prepared to take on challenges. 


The Student Council holds its Annual General Meeting once a year with the aim of appointing the members with leadership qualities and creativity. The AGM proceedings abide by the Student Council Constitution which was established in 2011. Students can expect the Student Council to have their welfare at heart.


Want to be a leader at Stamford College? Then join the Student Council!


You can also keep yourself updated on our latest events by checking our Facebook page.




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