Our Partners


Stamford's network of academic and professional partners plays a vital role in our future and success. It is a reflection of our mission and desire to deliver a more complete education experience to our students. That is why we take pains to identify and partner with reputable institutions that can deliver the value you seek.


As the world becomes increasingly globalised and possessing the required knowledge and analytical skills represents an edge over your competitors, our partners collaborate with us to deliver the framework, knowledge and training that is so critical to your future success. Our academic and professional partners, who hail from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia, employ highly skilled and experienced academic and industry practitioners to develop their programme curriculum and support our efforts to deliver quality education.


At Stamford, many of our own home-grown academic programme offerings are recognised and linked with our partners' programmes to provide a more complete education pathway. This not only ensures that there will be a smooth transition and continuity to your education process, it is also a recognition of and testament to the quality of Stamford's own programmes.


With our partners, you can be assured that together we can accomplish more.


Our partners include the following institutions: