Our Philosophy



To be a centre of education that empowers learners to enrich the social, cultural and economic vitality of our society and the global community.




Stamford College is dedicated to providing the appropriate environment, facilities, courses and guidance for the educational development of the individual, taking into account the manpower needs of the nation and the expectations of the shareholders of the college. In accordance with this commitment Stamford College will strive to:


  • Develop programmes that will be recognised nationally and internationally for their excellence. Provide a high quality of teaching taking into account the needs of the individual student. Provide adequate educational and recreational resources for the development of the college’s objectives


  • Adopt uniform guidelines for monitoring quality on the delivery of other educational services. Conform to the standards established by regulatory authorities and partner universities whenever applicable

Educational Standards & Quality Control


The quality of education is subject to control from the resources :


  1. Partner universities

    The universities working with Stamford, including those offering their undergraduate and postgraduate courses, selected Stamford because of its reputation for maintaining quality education. All degree programmes offered in Stamford regularly and closely supervise by the awarding universities. Senior academics from the universities concerned make periodic visits to monitor standards and teach students enrolled at Stamford College.

  2. Internal controls

    In addition to the quality control measures imposed y the participating universities, Stamford College, through its own Centre for Academic Excellence (CAE), conducts documented procedure for evaluation of the standards in teaching facilities in the various branches of Stamford. The Centre also conducts staff development courses to ensure regular enhancement of teaching skills. The College is also a ISO9001:2000 certified college

  3. Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) - All programs are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).




  • To offer and conduct well designed and well-chosen courses. 
  • To provide pastoral care and good services.
  • To create a caring d conducive environment or study and
  • To work together with students towards excellence.
  • To do things right the first time and every time