What We Stand For


The Stamford Alumni is a vast legacy that spans over 6 decades. Over the last 68 years, we have produced the largest body of graduates that are today spread over the entire world. You can be proud to know that our alumni are in important positions in many corporations here and around the globe, and captains of industry and thought leaders in economics and commerce.


You are part of our legacy. Many of our past alumni have kept in touch with us and have shared their good fortune and experience with our current students. We welcome you to keep in touch with us so that you can inspire and be a beacon of light to our future alumni.





The mission of the Alumni is to build a platform where all the alumni can be actively involved in fostering a formidable network. We recognize that all alumni can contribute effectively to our alma mater and current students and we welcome opportunities that will develop their potential.





The STAMFORD OUTREACH TEAM looks after the institution's relations with its former students. We help in establishing contacts with former students and assisting in creating valuable networks that can develop each other’s potential as well as those who are still studying at our campuses.


At the Outreach Unit, we help cultivate beneficial relationships between Stamford’s alumni and our current students through the ‘industry – student partnership’. We realize that many alumni are ever willing and committed to building a stronger alumni network and work together to bring this college to greater heights.