Message From The Managing Director




Dear Friends,


I warmly invite you to become part of our Alumni. 


The college wishes to connect with its alumni to strengthen and expand communication and network for our mutual benefit. We encourage our alumni to engage with the college by sharing your ideas with us and assist us in realizing our objectives as the oldest private educational institution in Malaysia


Many of you may have studied under the old banner of Stamford College but as you may be aware we have renamed ourselves Seri Stamford College. I believe many of you have become prominent personalities and leaders in industry and public institutions, the private sector, academia and various other professional fields throughout the world. We are proud of this fact.


One of our main objectives is to produce graduates such as you, with outstanding leadership abilities, sense of purpose and intellectual capacity. From our humble beginnings in 1950, the college has expanded, improved, and reinvented itself as one of the premier higher education institution in the country.  We have undergone changes but we have always strove to provide the best that we can offer.  As our stakeholders, we are confident that you can play a greater role in nurturing our young minds.


Our Alumni e-newsletter will detail all forthcoming events and we encourage you all to participate and contribute. I look forward to seeing you at our alumni gatherings.