Certificate Of Attendance In Intensive English Language A4672(Validity Period:13/07/2015-31/12/2019)

The Programme:   This Certificate Of Attendance in Intensive English Language programme focuses on enabling

                                   the learners to use English effectively. This programme is conducted for 12 weeks  with  an 

                                   emphasis  on all the four components - Grammar, Writing, Reading, Listening  and  Speaking.

                                   This  programme is  specially  designed  for  those  who wish to be competent in English with

                                   an intention  of pursuing higher  education in English medium. It is absolutely ideal for students

                                   who are waiting  for their SPM/STPM results, and for those who wishes to be proficient in the

                                   English Language.


Accredited by:   Malaysian  Qualification  Agency  (MQA)


Entry Requirements:   Complete Form 5 / UEC or equivalent


Awarding  Institution:   STAMFORD  COLLEGE


Duration:   192 hours (per level)


Session:   Full Time


Intakes:   January / March / June / October /December


Programme  Structure



1. Parts of Speech                           6. Subject—verb agreement

2. Tenses                                          7. Punctuation 

3. Articles                                          8. Active & Passive Sentences

4. Prepositions                                9. Common mistakes made in English     

        5. Word Order


  1. Listening for specific  information
  2. Interviews
  3. Attentive listening
  4. Role  Plays
  5. Group Discussions
  6. Oral Presentations
  7. Art of conversation





1. Paragraph Writing                      4. Technical Writing     

2. Report Writing                             5. Letter Writing (Formal & Informal)        

3. Writing Instructions                    6. Answering Questions          


1. Skimming and Scanning               

2. Reading for global understanding         

3. Literature

4. Looking for information  from  various sources

5. Reference reading